WestGAP’s advice service is free and open to anyone who needs it – you don’t need to be a member to access the service.

However, if you want to lend your support to the organisation and stay in touch with what we’re doing, you can become a member. Membership of WestGAP means you’ll be invited to participate in our AGM. We’ll also keep you updated on our activities, including any campaigns or special events.

Membership is by donation. There are a few options – please choose the one that you feel you can best afford. The level of donation you choose will have no effect whatsoever on your membership.

Unwaged/claimant: FREE or £1 per month (£12 for the year)
Not much money: £3 per month (£36 for the year)
Some money: £5 per month (£60 for the year)
Minted: £10 per month (£120 for the year)

Sign up online!

Or sign up in person by visiting us during opening hours.