‘We are not removing’ report by Dr Kirsteen Paton (2009)

Has Partick become too Posh?

“Glasgow has become a leader in regeneration for cities worldwide, with such high profile projects as Glasgow Smiles Better, Glasgow Harbour and the 2014 Commonwealth Games. However, regeneration often involves gentrification – a process of class transformation where a traditionally working-class neighbourhood is altered through redevelopment of property, influx of middle-class residents and a subsequent increase in land value. This raises important questions: what is the real legacy of regeneration projects? What happens to the communities living in these neighbourhoods? Does regeneration lead to displacement or does it help vulnerable groups, as claimed? These questions are more pressing given the difficult economic situations faced by many during the recession and, yet, the continued investment into high profile regeneration projects as the 2014 Commonwealth Games.”

The full report can be found here.